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With the retail industry experiencing unprecedented change, many organizations are challenged to keep up the pace of innovation. This is too often made harder due to installed, budget-consuming legacy technologies that are obstacles to adoption.

Transformational Retail specializes in connecting emerging technologies that analyze shopper preferences and behaviors with retailers who seek to leverage big data and predictive analytics. Our experts assess emerging technologies, proactively engage with the most promising offerings, and help to facilitate those innovations for retailers in a manner that is both cost-effective and risk-averse.

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In Store Navigation and Location-Based Shopper Data

Buzcart, from IntraPosition, provides grocers the world’s most accurate and robust positioning solution for supermarkets, ideal for delivering personalized content at the right time and place. Shoppers and Pickers receive visual GPS-like, turn-by-turn in-store navigation and directions. Based on proprietary positioning technology with unprecedented accuracy, BuzCart provides new and unique solutions for grocery associates and shoppers.

The Shopper:

Shoppers want their grocer to understand their preferences, anticipate their needs, and provide them personal attention. BuzCart technology provides a great shopping experience with:

  • Turn by turn navigation based on lists
  • Personal offer delivery at the right time and place
  • Directions to the optimal checkout queue

The Grocer:

BuzCartBuzCart monitors movement and provides turn-by-turn navigation for shoppers and associates in-store, providing grocers unprecedented visibility to optimize merchandising, operations and the in-store experience for all.

Ecommerce order-fulfillment optimization for store associates, including:

  • Real-time suggestions of the optimal navigation route
  • Multi-order picking optimization
  • Reduction of pick time by 30%

Actionable insight to shopper behavior, collecting real-time behavioral data while sending relevant, personalized content to their shoppers, providing:

  • Shopper movement in-store, including side of aisle and shelf-level data within 1 to 2 feet
  • Powerful platform to interact with the shopper when it matters the most
  • New revenue stream with targeted advertising opportunities

Rich analytics and actionable insight are produced with shopper location insight.Rich analytics and actionable insight are produced with shopper location insight, such as:

  • Shopper heat-maps
  • Queue management visibility
  • Shopper dwell time length
  • Shopper time and route in-store

Underlying technology is the game-changer

The underlying technology used for IntraPosition’s BuzCart’s in-store location awareness is based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) communication, leveraging a network of secure wireless receivers in store, and a tag transmitter attached to each shopping cart or worn on associates wrist. This infrastructure is coupled with a patent-pending, cloud-based, sophisticated software platform that can be integrated into the retailer’s or their software vendors mobile applications such as mobile self-checkout. The mobile applications are quickly paired with the receiver on the cart and then the enriched, shopper-friendly experience begins. The platform provides real-time location awareness within one foot in the store.